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Buy Delicious Durian In Da Nang

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Da Nang is possibly one of the best places to live in Vietnam with its long coastline and busy streets along the Han River. Not only that, Da Nang is also famous for seafood, pork rice paper and chicken noodle soup.

But what if you’re in Da Nang and crave a hearty durian feast?

You want to buy clean durian in Da Nang?

It’s hard to find a shop selling quality durian in Da Nang!


Traders trade along the road with trucks piled high with durians of unknown origin, ripe and burnt. How to buy delicious and clean durian in Da Nang? If you are in Lien Chieu, Son Tra, Hai Chau, Ngu Hanh Son, Thanh Khe districts and want to eat delicious and clean durian without any medicine, you have found the right address!

Is it difficult to buy clean durian in Da Nang?

With SauriengGiaLai.com, everything becomes simpler and more wonderful.

If you are looking for a durian shop that serves amazing durians in Da Nang, then congrats on choosing the right place.

Our durian is really rare, and we are proud to say that Saurienggialai.com is considered by many customers as one of the best durian shops in Vietnam.

You will no longer have to deal with dishonest durian sellers selling too high a price or buying poor quality durians.

The clean and delicious durians you can buy at Da Nang

SauriengGiaLai.com always brings customers the freshest durians.


We have the legendary Ri-6 and the hugely popular Monthong, durians that have won the hearts of many fans, and I’m sure you will too.

We are happy to serve you!

Order online with us

If you live in Da Nang or anywhere around Da Nang like Lien Chieu, Son Tra, Hai Chau, Ngu Hanh Son, Thanh Khe and want to order durian, you just need to order goods online.

Ordering durian from our Website is very simple. You can choose the type of durian you like and we will pack it for you.

You can choose our regular or express delivery to ensure that your durian gets to you as soon as possible.


Rest assured that your durian is only opened and packaged after you place your order, as we must ensure that each durian sent out is as fresh as possible.

We wish you a really great party!


If you want to enjoy clean durian, please contact us immediately:

  • We are the most active on Zalo

  • You can order directly via fone: 0905-233-251

  • Fanpage:yeuthichsaurieng

regards !

Durian Ship Service to Da Nang

We can ship durian to

– Hai Chau District and the wards of Hai Chau District;

– Thanh Khe district and wards of Thanh Khe district

– Lien Chieu district and wards of Lien Chieu district

– Son Tra district and wards of Son Tra district

– Ngu Hanh Son district and wards of Ngu Hanh Son district

– Cam Le district and the wards of Cam Le district

– And Hoa Vang district

So you already know the address to buy delicious and clean durian in Da Nang. If you want to enjoy our delicious durian, please contact us as soon as possible.

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