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Durian variety Monthong First Generation

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You must have heard about Thai durian, Dona durian, even Monthong durian. But Hung guess not many people understand the origin of these words.

Monthong durian is a pure Thai variety. In 1991, there was a man below who took a train to Thailand to bring back the first 10 seedlings, which were planted in Ben Tre. Now these 10 trees are still there, huge. Later, the new Donatechno company created the Dona durian variety and is grown as popular as it is now.


About the Monthong durian variety

  • This variety of Thailand, code D159. Registered on June 30, 1987.
  • The tree is vigorous and has a high fruit rate. Small leaves
  • Natural ripening time from 125 – 135 days.
  • Monthong durian fruit is cylindrical in shape, pointed at the bottom, gathered into a turtle’s tail. Tight spines, glossy brownish brown. The peduncle is small and short.
  • Bark green-brown, spines large, obtuse, long, tight. The fruit stalk is large and long.
  • Bright yellow thick rice, quite smooth, dry, sweet taste. Quite fatty, slightly fibrous, sweet aroma, can hear the sweetness in the aroma.
  • The percentage of flat seeds is higher than 90%
  • This variety is quite popular in Vietnam. However, in some growing areas, the quality is not satisfactory, the skin is thick, the rice color is pale, mushy, pasty, and fibrous.
  • The climate of the Central Highlands, especially Gia Lai, is extremely suitable for this variety because it likes dry and basaltic red soil!



Monthong durian fruit


Monthong durian fruit


Monthong durian rice


Monthong durian rice


Monthong durian rice


Monthong durian rice


Monthong durian rice and seeds


Hung thinks something pure is beautiful and definitely delicious. However, it seems that commercialization is gradually making pure things increasingly rare and exhausted. Crossbreeding is a good practice, but keeping what is pure is the right thing to do.

As the verse:

If anyone does not remember homeland

won’t grow up to be a human.


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Best regards!

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