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Thien Huong durian

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In the next article, we will learn about durian varieties with pretty good names: Thien Huong durian variety.

History of Thien Huong durian

This is a durian variety planted by the family of Mr. Nguyen Tan Tai in San Bay hamlet, Tan Phong commune, Tan Bien district since 1999 with the number of more than 140 durian trees.


Looks like Monthong durian

Through selection from breeding and cross-breeding by grafting method, his family has bred durian varieties with delicious and safe quality.

In 2007, the hybrid durian variety of Mr. Nguyen Tan Tai’s family was officially granted the Thien Huong durian trademark by the National Office of Intellectual Property – Ministry of Science and Technology.

Characteristics of Thien Huong durian

Thien Huong durian variety has a mechanism of pseudo-disease. Thien Huong can resist leafhoppers, but the resistance rate is weak. When in the budding season, it will create a black layer like soot fungus, so that the planthopper understands that the leaf has been attacked and leaves to find another leaf.


Thien Huong durian fruit is small, about 2-3 kg in size. The appearance is green with sharp and curved spines. Thien Huong is a hybrid from Monthong, so it has the characteristic of dry scalp.

Thien Huong durian rice has an eye-catching yellow color, lighter than Ri-6. Light scent, quite tasty. I like the taste of it

Through the process of planting, caring and breeding, durian brand Thien Huong becomes more and more delicious, ensuring clean and safe criteria for users.


Overview of Thien Huong durian

  • Durian variety Ri 6 Skin Green – Original name Thien Huong
  • Origin Tan Bien, Tay Ninh.
  • Planted a lot in Ngu Hiep commune, Tam Binh commune, Cai Lay – Tien Giang.
  • Medium-sized tree, wide canopy, sparse branches.
  • Good resistance to pests.
  • Natural ripening time 125 – 135 days.
  • Average weight 2 – 4 kg.
  • The fruit is oblong, the stalk is long, the bottom is pointed.
  • Similar to Monthong fruit, different skin color.
  • Thien Huong is a hybrid from Monthong, so it has the characteristic of dry scalp.
  • Easily confused with Singapore Super Soon.
  • Bright blue shell. The spines are small, long, sparsely closed, and the spines are slightly curved.
  • The shell is quite thin, easy to open when ripe, and quickly cracks.
  • The rice is bright yellow, drained, flexible, smooth, not fibrous, very sweet, fatty and fragrant.
  • Flat seeds >70%
  • The advantage of this variety is that it is easy to control flowering, easy to set fruit, has a good rate of fruit set, and has not encountered the phenomenon of fibrous, fibrousness.



Check out some pictures of this durian variety


Top tree in Tay Ninh


Top tree in Tay Ninh


Thien Huong durian rice


Thien Huong durian rice


Thien Huong durian rice


Thien Huong durian seeds


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