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Western Beef Barn Durian

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Chuong Bo durian is a specialty of the Western provinces, has a brand name, has been protected, and is officially exported. But not Krong Pa beef or Phu Thien beef, Ia Pa beef, nor Tay Ninh cow, guys, these cows are grass-fed cows. That’s all, let’s learn about the durian variety with this interesting name.


About Chuong Bo durian variety

  • Tu Tay’s variety is in Hoa Thinh hamlet, Ngu Hiep commune, Cai Lay, Tien Giang.
  • Average weight 1.5 – 2.5kg.
  • Natural ripening time 125 – 135 days
  • The tree grows strongly, the rate of fruit set is high, often beans in bunches.
  • The fruit is cylindrical in shape, dark green to mossy green, with small, short, tight spines, under the left ass is shaped like a coin.
  • Bright yellow rice, soft, very smooth, no fiber.
  • Strong sweet taste, very fatty, strong aroma.
  • Average flat seed <60%
  • This variety is quite popular in the western region.

Pictures of Chuong Bo durian


Durian tree and leaves Cow barn


Durian fruit Cow barn


Durian fruit Cow barn


Durian rice Cow barn


Durian rice Cow barn


Durian seeds Cow barn


Chuong Bo durian is really a specialty of the Western provinces, isn’t it, durian fans!

There are many people who think that durian seeds are Chuong Bo durian or when they are deceived by traders when buying, after reading this post, please equip yourself with more knowledge about durian.

Hung wishes you always have new and happy experiences with durian!


If you want to enjoy clean durian, please contact us immediately:

Best regards!

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