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Kind of Durian Leaves Ba Thum


Today, we will take you and your friends to an ancient durian variety with a very interesting name: Durian La Queo.

Coming to this series of varieties, let’s learn about the Ba Thum breed


A little bit about Kind of Durian Leaves Ba Thum

  • The breed of Mr. Ba Thum in Binh Thanh hamlet – Tam Binh – Cai Lay – Tien Giang
  • The mother plant was grown from seed in the 1960s. Because the leaf blade is not flat but twisted, it was named La Queo.
  • Plants grow strongly, resistant to pus disease, root rot.
  • The canopy is arched, branches tend to be erect.
  • The fruit setting rate is quite high.
  • Natural ripening time from 105 – 115 days.
  • The fruit is cylindrical in shape, the bottom is horizontal, it is a little bit shy, the stalk is small, short.
  • Average weight 1.5 – 2.5kg
  • Bark bright green, spines small, long, spines close.
  • Bright yellow rice, dry, flexible, sweet taste, quite fatty, medium fiber, strong aroma.
  • The percentage of flat seeds > 70%
  • Pre-harvest on trees is not possible. But only to ripen naturally, as well as not be able to handle Ethephon, because when processed through Ethephon, it will cause yellow skin, atrophy of rice, and rice loss.
  • There are only a few trees left in Tien Giang.



Durian fruit Ba thum leaves


Durian fruit Ba thum leaves


Durian rice leaves queo ba thum


Durian seeds Leaves queo ba thum


You know, it’s not all about good looks. Sometimes the growers of Leaves Queo Ba Thum think that the plant is sick, but in fact it is just the disease resistance mechanism of this variety.

There is a pretty good feature but also a disadvantage of the plant, which is that it does not give early harvest and Ethephon treatment. Therefore, those who buy durian leaves La Queo Ba Thum are guaranteed to be 100% clean.

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